Login to new FaisaNet

Faster. Easier. Secure

Responsive Design

Designed to work equally well on your computer and mobile devices you can get your banking done anywhere you stand truly.

Even more secure

You can enable 2FA for login. And also enable Authenticator Apps for 2FA. We recommend using Microsoft Authenticator

Flexible Authorisation Matrix

Now you can setup your own authorisation matrix to suite your business needs. More layers or easy access is entirely yours to decide

Built in Support

Now you can chat with our CustomerCare Agents right from FaisaNet and get support conveniently.  Because you are signed in we can help you much faster

Privacy Mode

Safe guard your balances from prying eyes. With Privacy mode enabled your balances will be masked till you click on it actively.

Multiple Profiles

Use a single login to access all your profiles. Simply switch between the profiles to operate the accounts liked to those

New features at a glance

 Flexible user access matrix for businessesSelf Service TT applicationsDark Mode
Set your landing pagePrivacy modeMobile Optimised
Informative dashboard Enhanced Search Enhanced Beneficiary Management
Payment Gateway Reports Action Center Self Registration
App Token for OTPEnable 2FA for Login Multiples Profiles

Be on the lookout for many more new features very soon